Auralic Aries G1 [Sold]

I am offering my Auralic Aries G1 streamer for sale. In As-New condition, used for about 10 weeks.
Asking $1750 firm plus UPS shipping. Ships in original packing from Oregon, to US addresses only.
(Now sold)
For those who asked, it sounded outstanding, but two issues were show-stoppers for me: playlists (which allow the G1 to operate from its internal buffer) are limited to 999 tracks, and the Shuffle function is not random.

I was tempted (have the original Aries with femto clock and LPS), but I snoozed and loozed! What did you replace the G1 with?

And really, 999 tracks weren’t enough for a playlist?!?


I use the Bridge in DSD. I have playlists of more than 2K tracks for a single artist.
I also HATE screwing around maintaining playlists - no useful way to directly edit them, and as content licenses change, tracks are constantly becoming unavailable, which stalls play in most music programs. Unfortunately, both available hi-res streaming services are completely playlist based.
I want to basically create a playlist that takes two or three weeks to repeat - a Qobuz jazz genre radio station, so I don’t get tired of it.

Thanks. I had a frustrating time with the original bridge in my PWD, so won’t ever go back there. :tired_face: Aries into my DS DAC with Snowmass is pretty darn good.

What did you use to stream before the G1 and how was sound quality among all your streamers?

Bridge 1 was not good, but Bridge 2 works well these days.
I’ve been using Roon on my iMac and Bubble on a Pixel 3 table.
Tried Audirvana (which finally seems to work with the latest Bridge update) but enough of a PIA that I canned it. Dropped JRiver a while ago - same reason.
To my ear, the sonic differences between today’s player software and platforms are trivial enough that I don’t really have a strong preference, although LightningDS did sound very good on the G1.
I mostly select player SW now based on ease of use and ability to meet my needs. I’ll be very happy if Roon ever gets around to supporting Qobuz (don’t care about Tidal or MQA).