Auto-scan on Nuwave DSD

Dear PS Audio,

I used to have a Nuwave DAC, and then I bought a Nuwave DSD through the Italian distributor (I live in Italy). I like the new Nuwave a lot, sound-wise, and I play Red Book CDs with an old Musical Fidelity X-Ray CD Player (first version, the “oval” one), connected to the coax S/PDIF input. Since the Nuwave (both versions) sound really better if left on all the time, I used to just switch on the CD player in the morning, and that usually was enough to “wake up” the Nuwave Dac, and in the evening I used to switch it off, and the Nuwave would “go to sleep” after not finding any source with the Auto-scan.

Now, the Nuwave DSD does not behaves like that. If I power up the Musical Fidelity, connected the same way with the same coax cable, the Auto-scan does not detect anything. The Nuwave DSD wakes up only if I play some music, generally losing the first second of the song I’m playing (quite annoying). I tried connecting other players, notably a Copland CDA-288, and through different coax and optical cables, to no avail. So now in the morning I “wake up” the Nuwave DSD pushing one of the two front buttons, and then pushing it again to select coax input. In the evening I keep one button pushed to activate Auto-scan, the Autoscan detects nothing and the Nuwave DSD goes to sleep, while I power down the Musical Fidelity.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the Nuwave DSD behaving correctly?

Thanks, Stefano from Italy

It’s unlikely something in the NuWave’s programming or hardware just changed like that - so my first suspicion is that what you’re feeding it has changed. The way auto scan works is it searches for any digital audio stream connected to it. Perhaps the player somehow how reprogrammed to idle or do something out of the ordinary.

I would substitute another player or digital audio device. Doesn’t matter what it is, and see if NuWave goes back to its old behavior. We just need to narrow the problem down.

I got the “new” behaviour with every player and every cable I used to feed the Nuwave DSD S/PDIF inputs: Musical Fidelity X-Ray, Copland CDA-288, Micromega Duo CD 3.1 and Arcam CD-17 connected through Van Den Hul carbon coax S/PDIF cable, custom S/PDIF coax cable and standard optical cable. The Auto-scan works as it used to be with USB input (PC with driver version 1.61.0), though.

Thanks again, Stefano.

Huh. Weird. Can you have your distributor or dealer take a look at it? I haven’t heard of this problem before but there’s always a first time.