Autoscan question

Considering purchasing a PSAUDIO dac, and one of the features that interests me is the “Autoscan” feature. The manuals for various PSAUDIO dacs state that when the DAC is powered up, the autoscan will do its thing, and lock onto the first valid signal. What if the DAC is left on, and say the USB input goes offline, and a valid signal comes over a SPDIF input? Will the DAC switch to that input? Or is it only on the power up?

Thanks in advance!

If the DAC is left on and an input goes off and it’s nothing to lock to, it will start auto scanning till it finds one. It’s not just on start up.

If we are talking about a DS DAC perhaps a better way of thinking of it is that all inputs are always being monitored for changing bits (not just the presence of a signal.) When a new input signal becomes active that input is selected. If another input becomes active it will be selected. When the currently selected input becomes inactive then the last input that was active and is still active is selected. There’s no scanning mode that happens now and then, the system is always monitoring every input all of the time.