B&W Speakers with Stellar Electronics


Hi folks, I’m wondering if any of you have experience using a Stellar PreAmp and M700amps with B&W speakers? I recently purchased a pair of B&W 702 S2’s which are currently mated to an old Carver receiver (HR-895). Looking to upgrade to separates soon, but thought I’d reach out to see if anyone currently has the Stellar/B&W set-up, and if so, are they happy? I know happiness lies in the ears of the beholders, but would appreciate any feedback.


Mike from Pueblo

hey Mike
my buddy Shaun uses a PS Audio Gain cell DAC / preamp with his monster Bryston 28BSST2 mono blocks with B&W 800D2’s. He likes the preamp, but mostly uses a Bryston BP26. The PSA pre brings some added warmth to the crispy sounding B&W speakers. I’ve you’re looking to maintain the super detailed and etchy sonic signature of the B&W’s, the PSA pre might not be what you’re looking for - but if you’re aiming to tone down those babies, the PSA would seem to work well based on listening to Shaun’s system. hope this helps…a little. Good luck! T

@mikepueblo, The new 702 s2 has all the trickle down tech of the new 800s and just the mention of pairing it with PS & Stellar just peaks some enthusiasm, I think you’re in for a treat my friend. Years ago I first added the DSD, then M700s and then recently the BHK Pre, all powering 22 yr old B&W Matrix 801 S3s and I will tell you, each upgrade was an affirmation to the fact that I had a speaker that I had never heard before. Photographers can relate to buying a new $10k Leica lens and putting it on their old M3 and being excited about the results and then 10 years later putting the same glass on an M10 and whoa, the lens out resolved all the bodies of the last ten years… Similarly, if you start the upgrade path with your 702s, you are going to take those beauties to another level all together and it may even be more than you currently believe possible, it was for me. They will love the M700s and if you can, the BHK Pre even more. I will say the DSD and Pre together, are magical Have fun with that, cheers

I run the Stellar stack with M700s into an older pair of 600 series B&Ws and love the way it sounds. I was running the S300 for a little but noticed the highs were a little too harsh. I then upgraded to the M700s and added a lot more warmth to the already bright B&W sound. I’ve had a number of non-audiophile friends over and say they didn’t know a stereo system could sound this good.

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Thanks so much. As a photographer, I totally get the analogy.

Awesome. Thanks for the great input!

Great input, and more for me to think about. Thanks for taking the time to respond