Balance for GCC-100


My output seems to be favoring one speaker, regardless of which input is selected. One thing I want to check is whether the balance on the GCC-100 amp is neutral, set to zero. I have the remote but it is mostly dead. With new batteries, the dim button works, and 3 or 4 of the input buttons do too, but that seems to be all. I never had much confidence in this remote. So I guess my questions are:

Is there any likely way to cajole the remote to work a little better? Is there any way to adjust or display or reset balance without the remote (I don’t think so)? Should having the amp go into fault reset the balance?

(Going into fault happens fairly often to me. The first time it happened many years ago, I sent the amp in and it came back okay. It was fine for a couple years. But I was also moving a lot and not using the stereo. And eventually I started getting stuck in fault again. I figured out that it would come back after a few days. And it seemed to come back faster if I disconnected everything. More recently I’m trying to figure out if there is one connection that specifically seems to cause it, or one disconnection that specifically seems to cure it (at least faster). Now this is almost turning into a new question, which wasn’t my intent.

So to reiterate: should balance go to zero after fault? (And by fault, I forget the wording of the error message in the display, but the lights blink rapidly and the amp won’t do anything.) )


Considering now that I think of it, that the names I assigned to the inputs do not reset after going into fault–this seems to be suggest that balance may well not either. So unless there’s another way to force a total system reset–I guess my last resort would be to hope to be able to program a universal remote to send the right command?


Well after poking, rubbing and pinching over and over I think I did see the balance shift from zero to 0.2 to the right. Which is good, because the amp is favoring the left (except now I want to shift the balance more to the right and have had no luck). I confirmed the favoring by switching the speakers from left to right. Whichever one I put on the left side sounds like the only speaker working (listening from the same exact place).


That may be more than a balance issue. There could be a problem with your right channel. I’d suggest contacting PSA tech support directly.