Balanced power - connection to receptacle

I have a p300 and although know it provided balance power,are the 2 rececepacles individually isolated.

Also, there is still a so called live and neutral? How do i identify, there are black and white wires to the receptacles?

They are not isolated and there is no hot and neutral, both are hot in a balanced output configuration.

Thanks Paul!

So it’s different from balanced power from a balanced transformer.

I was wanting to add a lessloss module in my equipment after the p300 which describes that a live and neutral can be identified by measuring the live at the mains input and the output pins.

It is described here at the last page of the pdf, can i still add it as it needs a hot and neutral leg for connection :


I haven’t had time to read your article but it is the same as a transformer and a transformer hasn’t either a hot or neutral. What the article is likely suggesting is to match polarity of what is in the wall to what is coming out of a transformer.