Beautiful handmade audio furniture

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I love things handmade by craftsmen. I’m of the opinion, opposite most, that passionate, creative craftsmen will always exist; it’s part of human nature.
I love to cook and I was given a Kramer carbon steel chef’s knife. Handmade and brilliant and will go in my will.

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My hifi furniture and a large unit for records were hand made. We’re about to do another project an a craftsman, who has already done a lot of work for us, will hopefully be designing and making a kitchen, dining table, shelving and a new hifi unit.


Our custom made walnut slab/black epoxy river table… it’s pretty cool!


Technically not audio furniture but critical to the listening experience (beer support furniture). Hand made by local artisans from cherry and walnut. Incredible finish and joinery.



These Tonenhaus furniture systems remind me of the early 60’s
Grundig and Telefunken stereo consoles, the satellite speakers
of the the same Grundig and Telefunkens…

Beautiful equipment…

Thanks for posting!

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The MTI 100 turntable shown in the picture has an amplifier and a DAC built in. Add a CD transport or a streamer, and your music’s all sussed.