Because I don't want this one to drown in the mass ( Le London All Star* ‎– British Percussion)

The memory of my dad playing this on his Thorens TD125MkII/SME12/Shure V15Mk4 turntable and Quad back-end in the late sixties is priceless…
After he passed this original album was sold by my brother, who I hate…! But now I have my own copy and I wanted all of you to know that… Just read the notes and let me know what you think… I can’t find it on Qobuz and Spotify. Maybe one of you may find it on Tidal. I have it professionally digitized so for those of you who want it…


Thanks for posting this!

Not finding on Tidal, so just ordered vinyl from Discogs.

What’s the best way to message you, Ronald?