Bel Canto C7R

Price: $1450
Ships to: CONUS only

Hey folks! Lots of pre-holiday action in the marketplace I see, so let me toss my gear on the barbie, as it were.

The Bel Canto C7R has served me incredibly well since late 2013, but probably has less than 5 years of actual use. It drove my main system in a parttime residence (w/NOLA Contender speakers), and eventually became the core of my desktop system last year. It does everything: A very good DAC with a headphone out; 60 (8)/120 (4) watt Class D amp; MM phono; a receiver that I never tried; also a line out and theater bypass mode, so it can work as a pre-amp. I recently picked up a PS Audio Stellar Gain DAC to try, and while I don’t think the DAC is as good as the C7R’s, it’s a very close call. There are some ergonomic reasons for hanging onto the PS Audio unit for now (I also have a PS Audio memory player, so, synergy I guess).

The C7R sold for $3k, and pops up on the used market for around $1500. For $1450, I’ll pick up the shipping (about $27 I think via Fed Ex Ground). It comes with the original box, the remote, the printed manual (it’s a bit ragged though), and probably the stock power cord which you aren’t likely to use. I’ve never had a second’s trouble with it, and I would be content to keep it, but I also just got my DNA Stratus so I need to replenish the account after so many audio cash outlays this year.

Oh, cosmetics are 10/10, I would say … call it 9/10 for its vintage.

Here is the rave review from Stereophile: C7R

I guess the only drawbacks are it only does 96/24 via the USB and TOSlink inputs, but goes to 192 on the S/PDIF inputs. And it’s not a streamer. But I found it worked perfectly on the desktop (it has half the footprint of the usual amp) with a MacMini stacked on top if it. Lightweight but not insubstantial at 13 pounds.

This would also be an excellent dac/amp for your television set up, or to drive a pair of speakers in a main system. The MM phono stage makes it extremely versatile. Again, it doesn’t stream, but for the price you could easily pick up a BlueSound Node to pair with it.

If you want to use the receiver you’ll need to find or fashion some kind of antennae. It shipped with one (a very cheap piece of molded plastic and wire) but I can’t find it. Or I’m sure it’s on eBay for a few bucks.

If interested, please hit me up. I have 10+ years of trading and good feedback on Audiogon. Listed there as steve_dollar.

If a price drop encourages any interest, I’ll let it go for $1400, Fed Ex Ground delivery to CONUS included, “friends and family” PayPal, or Venmo to avoid fee.

Price drop 1350.