Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

Hi Galen,

I really want to go short on the Interconnect. Maybe 15"-18" wire length not including connector length. It looks like I can order a 1x4 “Generation 2” RCA Interconnect Cable of that length.

I’m the guy who cleans his connectors weekly because I can hear differences in the soundstage. Is it possible to do a custom RCA on input and XLR on output of the IC? That way I don’t have to introduce another connection with an adapter?

Thanks, Mike

If you are looking for an 18" OCC RCA interconnect I have a set built we can sell you at a discount.


Yes. No problem. It will be a one-of is all. RCA is flexible enough to do the job.

Jeff can fill you in.



Galen, as you suggested, Mike will receive 1x4 RCA cord with the output device (preamp/dac) to XLR (input device) for his amplifier. The connector will be wired pin 2 hot with no connection to pin 3 on the XLR. Problem is solved and the cable is held to the requested length. Thank you.


I’d challenge anyone to find this type service from any other cable manufacturer of interconnects. They would point one to another adapter to degrade the IC.



We will SHORT PIN3 (unused negative signal) to PIN1 (ground) as some amplifier’s control circuits don’t work with PIN3 open. I haven’t ever used that circuit but those that have report, Mike included, that the amp won’t sense right with PIN3 floating.

This is another reason to use a XLR wired from a RCA as an adapter may leave PIN 3 floating.


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