Best Inexpensive Tweaks?

Best cheap tweak: being happier with the main rig by listening to an old Alexa Bluetooth radio/speaker for a few minutes here and there…or some other system that is just not good before treating myself to the best system.

Thing is, I genuinely love music so much, that I’ll start getting into the weaker system. Good thing to be born with. Good problem to have.


I am 65, when I was 30 I got tired of obsessing about the sound and just wanted to focus on enjoying the music. Thank goodness that passed.


@aangen So, age is your cheap tweak? :thinking:


Funny that. My best cheap tweak is a ticket to the CSO at Orchestra Hall. Sort of the opposite reality check. The real thing in a real hall for the price of a ticket worth a tiny fraction of what I have invested in my rig. Recalibrates me every time. Thankfully I can now head back to Orchestra Hall and am so excited about the season. :slight_smile:


If you know me you know my tweaks are anything but cheap.


My reading glasses. The speakers look really big when viewed through them.


I think mine might be converter bases to use 12A7 type and 6SN7 type tubes in 6922 sockets. For the most part I already had tubes I could use in these, and for the most part the substitution was a handsome improvement.

Speaker toe in and adjusting the distance between sweet spot and speakers were my cheapest tweaks. They cost me fewer than 25 calories! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I dream of having each of my speakers on a carriage that I control with an app on my phone. It makes certain that any movement is applied equally in relation to the perpendicular bisector of my ears. I just sit there and request things like “move the speakers back 15mm”. Change toe in .5°. Toe out…
You get the idea.

So you just sit there and give it easy commands and it lifts, moves, and then drops to a level so that spikes touch down and there is no more contact with the speaker by the carriage until the next crazy whim. Of course once you have settled on a final resting place you borrow the setup to your friends who appreciate you not for your generosity, rather for you insane spending habits. Now they don’t have to buy one.

I am actually surprised no one has offered this as a product yet. How hard could it be? And in a hobby where people buy expensive fuses, what price would be too much?


Architect David Fisher did a dynamic apartment tower where whole apartments move! So, in our time, we may see speakers that move using a remote app.

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V2 of that carriage device should also have a harness to hold one’s head absolutely motionless.


Although it would look out of place an industrial robot and some simple software would do the trick for a reasonable sum. I don’t think anyone had thought of it until you mentioned it here.

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I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet. There are many coasters/bases for components. Here cheap but with good effect. Ikea has something for the high-end range made of bamboo in the right dimensions. Ikea Apteling dulcimer. On the back there are grooves to give the ball a hold. Cork coasters, spikes, rubber feet or your preferred feet underneath and you have a great hifi base. There are also lightweight poplar plywood panels with a foam core inside. You can find it at the hardware store or at the wood dealer. Otherwise, there are lightweight panels with an inner honeycomb structure made of aluminum or cardboard. Creaktiv also uses these for their shelves and bases plus audio surcharges. :wink:



Years ago, when I cycled a lot, I tried inflated bicycle tubes under my components.
Worked a charm; latex best but they needed pumping up daily–and they were pink. So I settled on butyl.
Then a girlfriend told me to stop doing that. So I stopped doing that.


Air bags are a really good (and inexpensive) way to isolate mass and dampen vibes.
My wife wouldn’t put up with the look either but it would be way cheaper than the several hundred $ worth of name brand isolators I use.