Best Lines - keep it to one or two lines

Greetings from Sodom
How we wish you were here
The weather’s getting warmer
Now that the trees are all cleared
No time for a conscience
And we recognize no crime
Yeah, we got dogs and Valvoline
And it’s a pretty damn good time

Toy Matinee - Last Plane Out


One f my favorite albums from a brilliant musician that died tragically and too early.

“If I’m worried about you, baby, then you better be worryin bout me”
Chester Burnett (Howlin Wolf)


Somehow entirely missed that record/band. Here’s some good insider stuff on it:

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Indeed. I shared a link to the video of this track on the Prog Fans thread. A superb multi-instrumentalist and song writer. I seem to recall reading Gilbert had his demons and a bit of a rough go with the ‘music’ biz… Such a shame. I think he was on his way to becoming one of the greatest of the 90s.
They also do an absolute ripping version of Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding on their Live At The Roxy. Wicked keyboards.

AND… to keep on topic of best lines here - is there NOT a gal who shouts out “ZEPPELIN” at about the 10 second mark…? That’s what I always thought I heard… If indeed, that is what she shouts, I’m convinced there was a boyfriend standing beside her, looking down, palm on his forehead… :rofl:

What the ____ is wrong with those chickens?
They’re angry. All I feed them is cocaine. And chicken.

Mr. Chow, The Hangover, Part III

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I hope the Russians love their children too. Sting


“When I was crazy, I thought you were great”

Ric Ocasek

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Not sure who said this, but “The older I get, the better I was.”


Kind of like this one:
I liked it a lot better when I was 16 and new it all.


“Shrinking in the sea so cold
Topless ladies look away”

Squeeze - Pulling Mussels


It’s the little things the little bitty things
like the way that you remind me I’ve been growin soft
It’s the little things the itty bitty things
It’s the little things
That piss me off



Me too. Listening now.


Bob Dylan from “If You See Her Say Hello”

And though our separation
It pierced me to the heart
She still lives inside of me
We’ve never been apart


To begin with oneself, but not to end with oneself;
To start from oneself, but not to aim at oneself;
To comprehend oneself, but not to be preoccupied with oneself.

Martin Buber (1950)


I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s and his hair was perfect.


He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire
And as he spoke, I felt a deep desire
To free the world of its fear and pain
And help the people to feel free again

Why don’t we listen to the
Voices in our heart?
Cause then I know we’d find
We’re not so far apart
Everybody’s got to be happy
Everyone should sing
For we know the joy of life
Peace and love can bring

Ken Hensely


And one said, "I know I’ve seen his face
I wonder who he is?

And the other said, “He’s probably just another clown
Workin’ on something big”

TP & The HBs, “ Something Big”

You’d better stay away from him, he’ll rip your lungs out, Jim,
And he’s looking for James Taylor.

(the live version, from “Stand in the Fire”)


I have been enamored of this REK song lately. Perhaps retiring a year ago? For some reason, my wife- not so much.

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