Best Mac Program to transfer DoP DSD onto DVD discs

103_gifAdmittedly guys, I am a PWT kind o’ guy. All this computer stuff goes flying over my head with low flying jets…

Having said that, lately there are so many good DSD downloads I find myself more and more considering downloading and tranferring them via DoP onto DVD discs to play through the PWT/DS combo.

Of course, I would presume such a program would also be able to transfer hi rez PCM files (duh) but thought I’d throw that in…

Anyone with any computer knowledge thanks. I am sure this has been covered someplace in the DS forum over the past several months by somebody (or the multitude) but I can’t find it.

Thanks loads, guys.


Me too, Odd. I have a Win 7 PC, but can get access to a Mac Mini if I absolutely have to.

If somebody in the know can write us a nice tutorial it’ll be absolutely ripping! (pun intended).