Best way to get audio from Roku HDMI to SGCD?

Currently, I watch my 4K Roku which is connected to my TV via HDMI. Then from my TV I have RCA connections back to the SGCD for audio. Is there a way to split out the audio from the HDMI and run it to the SGCD so I can use that DAC instead of the TVs? I also listen to audio with the spotify app on the Roku and think this rerouting of the audio will benefit the sound quality.


Use Optical - Toslink. Don’t connect analog connections to your SGCD from TV, thats only going to carry noise.

I recommend SysConcept Toslink

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Just make your audio output of the tv is set to PCM.

Just echoing above. Toslink and in your TV’s audio settings, go for PCM.

Toslink is controversial and rightly so but this cable is decent:

The Roku is on the shelf next to my SGCD. My TV is mounted on the wall and its hard to get to the rear to run an optical cable through the wall back to the SGCD. I looked on Amazon and found an HDMI audio extractor.
It seems to solve my problem of getting the TOS link to the SGCD and avoiding accessing the rear of the TV.

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Wow! I got the device installed and I think I’m really hearing the SGCD’s DAC for the first time! Bass and details for days!
I used to have the volume in the range for 20-40 for the analog inputs, now 8-12 is reasonable.
This little device is only $45 and its like a have a completely new system!

Glad this worked for you !

You can experiment if you set the Roku to PCM output as well. I’ve heard a small difference before. It’s possible the Roku or Converter is better at the conversion to PCM, you never know.