Better late than never - Thanks PS Audio

Better late than never
I have broken up to PS audio’s sales lease. So, of course, I also have to be the first to thank PS audio for the return has come to Denmark. Thanks to PS audio. More love from Denmark.

Together with PS Audio, we offer the latest version of the world’s best transport / DAC combo for a very attractive promotional price, saving you $ 30,000! The offer is valid only in July 2017.

Both Stereophile and The Absolute Sound have given this combo very beautiful roses, including As ‘Product of the Year’. The latest and upgraded versions are packed with interesting and unique features.

PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player:

Unique transport of SACD *, Blu-ray, CD, USB, etc. Via internal RAM storage, eliminating jitter completely. Ethernet connection ensures presentation of sheet cover and titles on the color display. Connect to DirectStream DAC via I2S (HDMI), which is superior to all other digital connections. * DirectStream Memory Player is unique in the market and can decode the SACD format. Price DKK 59,990, -

PS Audio DirectStream DAC:

A 100% DSD-based digital-to-analog converter that with the latest OS automatically upsampler PCM to 20x DSD resolution. Built-in volume and balance control. Can be expanded with UPnP-compliant network cards for streaming from eg. ROON, JERRY AND NAS. DirectStream DAC has everything in digital inputs, including The unique I2S that connects DirectStream Memory Player. Price DKK 59,990, -

Total campaign price for both devices, DKK 89,980, - This promotion is only valid when order is submitted by 31 July 2017.