BHK 250 For Sale - Sold!

I’m selling my BHK 250. Just purchased BHK 300s. It is 3 years old and just about out of warranty (warranty expires March 3, 2019). It started out as serial number PWA-A2-6C0212. The left channel died and was returned to PSA and upgraded to PWA-A8-6C0212. The repair work was done over two years ago and it has functioned perfectly since.

I have a bunch of other pictures and am happy to send them via PM.

The BHK 250 comes with 2 Upscale Audio Tungsram PCC88/7DJ8 tubes and Herbies tube dampers (you can see the tube dampers in the picture if you look closely). I have the original boxes and power cable.

I’m asking $3,250.00 to anyone on this site.

You pay shipping and I’ll take care of the PayPal fee (PayPal only). Figure the box is 105lbs and shipping from Downers Grove, IL 60515 (a reasonable approximation of shipping cost is fine). I’ll ship anywhere in the US. Local pick-up is always good too. Worked out when I sold my P10 on this site recently.

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Thanks for looking!!!