BHK 250 for Thiel 3.7's?


I own a pair of Thiel 3.7’s which I am very happy with. I would like to upgrade my amplification. urrently I use the a Mcintosh MA7000 integrated where I have bypassed the preamp section with a Prima Luna Dialogue premium preamp- this turned out to me a very considerable upgrade. So now I think I would like to upgrade the amp altogether and I was considering BHK250.

The problem is that the Thiel’s are a notoriously difficult load- they have a 90db sensitivity but the impedance does dip below 3 Ohms for a considerable portion of the frequency spectrum. As such I wanted to get some advice from the experts regarding matching the BHK 250 with the Thiels. I would love consider the BHK 300’s but I am trying to keep my budget below that.

As for my listening I sit some 3.5/4 meters from the speakers in a medium size room and though I do not play very loud often I occasionally do get to 95db plus (mahler?).

Anyway, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, many thx.


The 250 would do brilliantly.

I agree. And if for any reason you’re not happy you can return the amp within 30 days (assuming you buy direct or from a dealer with a return policy). PSA also offers generous trade-in terms for your old equipment.

Don’t underestimate the M700 mono blocks. Wildly more power efficient and yet very potent, in all the good ways.

Thank you for your replies.
I was asking the question because amplifiers are usu rated down to 4 Ohms- below that is a bit of a guessing game.
I saw that the 250 is rated stable at 2 Ohm and as i mentioned the 3.7’s do dip to 2.5 Ohms; the 300’s on the other hand do have 2 Ohm rating.
I have a limited understanding of electronics but have some basics (ohms law etc) and half the time the stuff i read seems a little misguided. I mean like discussion of high current vs high voltage vs high power…so I always like to check with people who have a firmer grasp than I have.

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