BHK 250 not working

I was using the amp for about 30 mins when there was a loud thud and the power amp shut down , the light was blinking ( start switch ) so I switched every thing off waited for about 5 mins then switched back on and there was nothing the amp would not start .

I have checked the fuses all 4 10amps are ok the 2 other fuses which are ceramic look ok but that’s hard to tell as no visible signs of blowing out .

I then noticed the red led light next to the tubes was not on and the 2 tubes were not on , does this mean that 1 or 2 tubes are no good or that the fuses below the tubes are blown ( ceramic fuses )

Has this happened to anyone with a BHK 250 if so let me what you have done to solve the issue before I send the amp away for repairs .

Thank you

My BHK 250 had an incident where when I first turned it on (at the back switch) after a few days off and nothing happened. I played with it and couldn’t get it to do anything. I checked the main fuses and no problem, but when I checked the small fuse next to the power switch it had blown. I should point out my unit is a Beta and had a 1.6 A fuse, I couldn’t find one locally of that size and ended up using a 2 A to make sure there wasn’t a significant problem. The 2 A fuse worked and when I contacted PS Audio they told me they had increased the rating of the fuse to 2 A so I was OK, but they sent me a ceramic replacement anyway (nice folks!). The amp has worked fine ever since. Not sure if this is the same problem you’re having, I didn’t get any sound when it failed, but I believe the 1.6/2 A fuse is the supply for the tubes so that would make sense.

I would agree. It sounds like you’ve lost a couple of fuses.

I want to get some replacement fuses for my new BHK now (since it’s a law of audiophile life that a tube or fuse will blow when you invite someone over to listen to your new toy). Amazon has the ceramic fuses and they are also in the Radio Shack catalog (called ‘glass’ rather than ‘ceramic’). I cannot determine in either case whether they are H-rated. How do you know? The Amazon link is at If these are not H-rated, can anyone suggest a source? What happens if you use non-H-rated fuses?

You could just get them from PS Audio … shaking-head-no-smiley-emoticon_gif I have no idea how much they are but you would at least know they are the right ones. When my fuse blew I did do some internet research on “Class H” and never really got a good understanding what the significance (to this application) was. If someone could enlighten us it would be appreciated!

We’re happy to send you another set, just ask. Any proper size and value fuse is fine for right now, we can get you the exact ones whenever. Better to get the unit going first. Radio Shack usually has the right size fuses too.

I am at home and without info as to what their ratings are, my apologies.

Thank you Paul. So it’s OK to use even non-H-rated ones in a pinch – that’s good to know. I’ll contact your office before too long to get a set of the right ones to keep on hand. Like pmotz, I did some googling but don’t have a great grasp of the H-rated business; any enlightenment welcome!

Thanks for the reply I was hoping it was just the fuses that had blown , wont know until Wednesday when I can get the replacement 2A fuses

Its good to know that I can use the 2A fuses as I searched all web sites and could only find 1.5A as a close match . Can only get the glass ones locally so they will do until I get some ceramic ones may dip my toes into a fancy high end fuse .

I have replaced the 2 fuses and now the power amp switches on but there is no sound checked the tubes and they are cold so it looks like the 2 tubes are not working have ordered 2 new tubes they will be here next week some time, so I am hoping that’s all that’s wrong its strange that 2 tubes would both stop working at the same time .

When you turn it on at the back switch does the front light come on for a short time then go dark? And when you press the stand-by switch after this does the stand-by switch light blink for about 30-45 seconds? Then nothing? Does seem very odd that both tubes went at the same time, though if there was a power surge it cold be possible.

I agree. I would be almost certain the tubes are fine. Did you replace all the fuses? Is the red LED on inside the unit near the tubes? I really don’t think it’s the tubes, they are just not getting fed voltage. Maybe you can call us?

All is good , yesterday I only changed the 2 amp fuses as that’s all I had and the 4 10 amp were by sight still ok as I could see the wire was intact so I thought . Today I changed all the 10 amp fuses and it was music to my ears . As the 10 amp fuses were no good I managed to remove the end caps on all 4 with out doing any damage and I could see that 2 of the fuses had blown looking through the glass they looked ok but just out of sight in the metal cap is where it had blown .

So lesson learned I have bought spare fuses for the 10amp and 2amp all ceramic and if it happens again I will change all the fuses regardless if only one has blown they are not expensive unless you have after market audiophile fuses .

Thanks to all who offered advice it rearly helps some times the smallest of things you forget about is all you need to sort out a problem .

Glad to hear you got the amp working again! I would make sure your speaker cables are secure and properly “dressed”, i.e., +/- are not touching each other. Blowing the 10 A fuse is an indication something was wrong, hopefully it will not reoccur.

A cheap multi-meter comes in handy for checking fuses. If the resistance if off the charts, it’s blown. Otherwise the resistance should be very small.

I just got a used BHK250. Got it all set up and it will play about 90 seconds then there is a pop then it shuts off and logo starts flashing.

The red LED is on. I powered down and reseated tubes. Then shutting down and unplugging AC5 power cord between each step: I turned it on with nothing plugged in and it stayed on for 5 mins no issues. I then added speaker cables…5 mins no issues. I then added RCA’s inputs…5 mins no issues. Then I ran signal thru it and I got about 90 secs in and pop/shutdown/flashing.

I’ve site checked all fuses and see no issues. I’ve swapped in some NOS 7308’s and same issue. I’ve contacted the seller and of course they said they never had any problems like this before.

I have Salk songtower RTs (4ohm impedence), DSD Sr, REL T9i and Modwright SWL 9.0 SE and AC5’s, Blue Jeans RCA’s.

I figure I’ll swap all fuses anyway, so new ones should be here Wednesday. Any thoughts or suggestions of what else to try? Pulling out what little hair I have left…

Based off your trouble shooting above, it seems like running a signal through it was the problem correct? Was this with speakers connected or only the speaker cables?

Hi! Yes that Is correct; when I passed signal thru it didn’t like it. I had the speakers connected when doing that. I did not try passing signal with input only and no speakers connected. I will try that this morning and report back.

I doubt it’s actually signal going through and more the load that the speakers are putting on the amp. I just wanted to clarify. What speakers are you using?

Salk Songtower RT’s 4omh impedance, 6ohm average

Ok - been running signal thru amp with no speakers plugged in for about 15mins now and no apparent issues.