BHK 300 Matched with Primaluna Evo400 anyone out there?

Hi all, have a great opportunity to get a pair of BHK Monos. Has anyone here matched these up with a Primaluna pre? And advice suggestions or experiences appreciated.

Cheers Mark.

Hi Mark

I haven’t tested with BHK’s, but I did with Pass XA60.5 and it wasn’t a good match. Didn’t sound bad, just lacked drive and felt lethargic.

Thanks mate, appreciate the feed back.

Cheers Mark

@mrf0ster just to follow-up on this… I put a BHK pre in and it’s nothing short of astonishingly good. You’re pretty much in the same price bracket as the PrimaLuna EVO400 at that point and I’m certain you will have synergy with the BHK300’s.

Thanks mate appreciate the positive comment. Pretty much set on the PL. In the process of moving houses and hope to have a set up soon. The BHK’s arrived this week and look stunning. No speakers yet lol, it’s a work in progress but slowly coming together.

Cheers Mark