BHK 300 pair $7899

Not my ad, just happened across it. $7899 shipped for the pair! New, open box.

That looks like a high rated seller as well. I have seen some pretty amazing deals on PSA both new and used. However I don’t need yet another amp I can’t lift (lol).

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Odd. The photo of the back panel in the ad has the speaker terminals in a different place than the photo for the BHK-300 on the PS Audio website. This ad has them in the lower center in a straight line above the AC socket. The PS audio photo has them to the sides and offset in height.

Can anyone verify whether the placement of the speaker terminals has changed since the amp was introduced?

Yes there was a change in the orientation of the speaker terminals. This was discussed quite a while back in the forums (I remember it because I replied to it at the time).

I miss my mono blocks…700’s but they were awesome and a mono-block configuration I think is tops for system set up. Mine anyway. Someone should snatch those up…

Just a heads up guys, from the serial numbers (and the old binding post layout), I know those are some of the first BHK 300s we made. Since then we’ve made some important rev changes. That’s a crazy good deal, though you’ll want to send them in to get updated.

Also keep in mind that unless you buy from an authorized dealer, the warranty starts from the date of manufacture. Unfortunately that means the warranty on these ended last month.


Good to know. Thanks for this disclosure.