BHK 300 won't power up

My amps were working fine last night. Left Won’t power up, but the tube warmer is lit. Fuses all look good. Not happy.

So sorry to hear that. I’ll assume you already checked the interconnect and speaker cable connections.

Is the front panel logo button stuck or not pressing in properly for some reason?

yes it’s not that it doesn’t make sound. Doesn’t power up. Thanks for responding.

Feels like it’s clicking normally. No logo light.

When you say the tube warmer is lit, do you see the tubes glowing as well? It’s quite unusual that the fuses are good and power is flowing through the unit but you’re not able to take it out of idle.

If it does look like the tubes are glowing, it might be worth it to try and play music. It’s a longshot, but perhaps the LED in the logo light burned out.

I believe you’ve already spoken with our service team and it sounds we’ll be bringing your amp in to look over. I’ll make sure we have you back up and running as soon as we can.

Thanks. I’ve tried. No sound.


Exactly the same thing happened to me a few days after I got my amp. One of the fuses was blown even though it looked fine. In my case the amp seemed to be powering on as normal with the blue light flashing and going through the normal process. Only thing wrong was that it would produce no sound. Get yourself some cheap fuses and try swapping them out of the BHK one at a time.

Thanks, the light next to the fuse turns on when there is an open on the circuit. Having said that, I did use the fuses from my other amp, no change.

Thanks for the input.

It didn’t in my case for some reason which is why it was a surprise.

That’s strange! Glad yours was resolved. Returned mine for repair.

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