BHK Mono first listen


The hum in stereo units is/was far less than the monos and we would not have released the stereo units if the hum level did not meet our criterias. Your units have very low levels of hum, the monos had more and thus we have waited until they are resolved.



Here is a question I have not seen asked yet about the Monoblocks. Are the units identical or symmetrical pairs? I assume the logo power button will be on the left side for both units, since all of your currents products are that way. I am more interested in the back of the units. The picture of the one Mono unit shows the inputs to the right, as you look at the back of the unit. Will both monoblocks look like that, or will the other one have the inputs to the left?

I am considering a new rack and I ask only to help figure out where to place them in my rack and how to configure a new rack. I would like not to have to get newer, longer interconnects.

Thanks, Alan.


The monos are identical with each other, instead on one, you get two. Not symmetrical pairs.


If I read correctly, the hum situation was perhaps found this past Friday in the monos, but there’s been no word of that since, so I assume instead of the HUZZAH I would have expected, it proved more elusive? How about a follow-up?

As an early adopter (too early?) I eagerly scan the forums for more news… this must be really frustrating to be at the launch phase and have a bug bite!


It is frustrating as hell. The monos make no audible hum on any system I have tried them on, they just have a bit too high for the measurement page and we don’t want to compromise its specifications. Work continues. No one is more frustrated than me.


Speakers coming in mid-July … looks like the monos won’t be in timecrying_gif

We can live with inaudible hum itwasntme_gif


I will have this resolved by then, never fear.105_gif


Any progress? :)

I am surprised the last post was a week ago.

I imagine it must be very involving a listen which is why everyone has stopped posting :)


The reason no one’s posting is they don’t yet have the mono amps. The very first few are shipping out Monday if they didn’t already go out Friday. We should be able to get some reactions soon enough. I wish we could have sent all the monos out, but first it was the hum, which is now resolved, then we ran into some problems with a few of the custom machined parts we have - they didn’t meet our standards and were rejected - so the few we can make are sending out, the rest have to wait.

Getting a new product rolling and out the door, where we just ship when ordered is a very involved process - sometimes it’s more painful than others - as is this case.



Hang in there Paul

grin It will all make sense when the glowing reviews start pouring in. I have faith.

I just spoke to Mike Kirkham yesterday. Hope to get them in Australia soon… and I am selling gear as fast as I can to afford these.


You won’t be disappointed. We just need to make sure they’re perfect. While not a lot of money relative to mega expensive amps, most of which frankly don’t sound anywhere near as good, it still ain’t chump change. Gotta be right.


Damn right, 64% of US households don’t have enough cash on hand to deal with a $1,000 emergency expense, let alone a $15,000 one…


Since when is a $15,000 amp an emergency expense ?cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon_gif Unless of course you happen to be an audiophile…4_gif

edorr said Damn right, 64% of US households don't have enough cash on hand to deal with a $1,000 emergency expense . . .
Let alone even vaguely contemplate wasting money on something entirely frivolous, such as better audio as a hobby. And the majority of the world cannot afford any electronic toy.

We are exceedingly spoiled. A good reminder, edorr, and well placed.


Has anyone done a tally / summary of the Beta Tester Reports ?

Cannot wait for the Pre-amp + Mono to be released into the wild; for a face-off against Constellation products that appear to cost approx. 1/3rd more:


Also, is there any way to estimate “average” power usage of the BHK Stereo / Mono’s ?

I expect this might involve specifying parameters of the test.

Maybe PWT as source, playing a cd with given dB output, and a certain level of attenuation in the Directstream ?

I ask because the Class A wattage is 1W, which is a lot less than my current amplifiers (which are 25W max Class A output). And so I hoped that average power usage might also be well down (given that Class A is the least efficient form of power amplification). (all pointers for information are welcome).


It won’t be a “green machine”, but probably more green than your current machine. :)


Yes, sometimes I think the current ones are Anti-Green Machines in more ways than one. Eating kWH = $, too.

It’s winter in Oz, so I am using less dedicated heating this season (since I’ve got two large heaters running whenever I’m playing music !)


“The monos are here, the monos are here”

Lucky me! My beta 300 amps came via fedex this noon. The delivery guy was shocked at the weight of the boxes, as he is usually delivering hearing aids to my office. Anyway, they are plugged in, and cooking for 48 hours. After reading posts on the the 250, I don’t see much point making any comments until they have been breaking in for a bit. Look for comments in the next 48-72 hours. Many thanks to Scott Schroeder for keeping me in the loop on the status of the amps, and when they would ship. I would rather wait than receive something that wasn’t quite ready. Scott made it clear that they wanted everything to be right before shipping them.

These amps are replacing my custom-built John Broskie Moskido amplifier that drives the electrostatic tops of my Sanders 10c speakers.(Google Moskido if you are curious) That amp uses 12SN7 input and 12B4a cathode follower tubes to drive a conventional mosfet output stage using exicon high current devices.(6 X 20 amp devices per channel) That is the best amp I have had in my system, and I am hoping for much more with the BHKs.

Stay tuned…


We can’t wait!!!