BHK Pre Power button wonky

My power button seems to get stuck sometimes, I think it is hitting one side of the case and not allowing free movement. Is the switch held to the case with screws? If so, I will dive in and see if I can adjust its position to line it up better. Any other ideas?


Cmon dudes- surely I am not the only one!

Looks like it. :slight_smile:

I suggest just opening it up and seeing what is going on. It probably is an easy fix.

My DSJr button does that. I think it an alignment issue. I just push a little sideways or push one side of the button and it works fine.

My 2 month old P12 died and the problem was the power button. Sent it back and PS replaced it. Should we be looking at power button upgrades?

Are we talking power switch on the back or the standby button on the front?

Standby button on the front for me. It’s a little glitchy but does not need intervention :slight_smile:

Button on the front. Rocker switch on the back is solid.

Yes, the standby button on the front. Should have been more specific

I’ve replaced the the part in the past. It’s got a”button board” behind it. You can take the lid off and look at the assembly. The physical button presses on the board. There are a few things that could affect it. Quite likely the board is over torqued or not aligned and impedes the front button. Remove the device and flip it over on a clean towel and remove 4 dark screws then flip it over. Gently lift the cover and you’ll have access.


Sorry for your problem. That sucks to have to send it back for something so seemingly minor. Yet, when it won’t turn on….

I’ve never seen a front panel standby button actually die. They are nothing more than lights and buttons. Hard to kill. What can happen is they can get physically stuck, their connecting cable can come loose on either end, or the accepting circuitry can get
faulty. Rare in all cases, but it does happen on occasion. Our customer service guys can usually walk people through the process of getting it right, but not always.

Thanks, Paul. It will cut on, it is just fiddly. I will take the top off and see if I can adjust it. If not- RMA.

Please let us know what you find. I am both curious and thinking it may help a couple of others.

Will do

Ok, so here goes:

The first image shows the top upside down- it has side flanges so be careful. It’s held on by 4 small black screws on the bottom of the BHK.

Next the power switch board, 3 screws to the chassis

The actual push button and black mount

The board has four points for activation- very small amount of travel

I found that my problem was too little travel room between button and board. I shimmed the top of the mount between the chassis and realigned everything. There is no chassis interference with the push button.
Seems to function better- will see. The board is easily replaceable if necessary. Hope this helps.