BHK Preamp and BHK 250 Amp for sale

Rather than re-typing every thing, here is the USAM link to my ads
See post below

Downsizing to a Stellar Strata. May also sell my Vortex Acoustics (VonSchweikert) VR-35 speaker too.
Once the components sell, I’ll have some balanced Audience Au24SX cables to sell too.

Link isn’t linking…When I click your link it doesn’t work…

Here they are separately

You may want to check your link, it’s incorrect.

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Don’t think the link works.

Try the individual links in post #3.

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Everyone able to see the ad now?

yep :slight_smile:

Might be listing my Von Schweikert VR-35 speakers very soon as well. Have a pair of Alta Alec speakers heading my way now for audition. I’ve enjoyed, and I’m still enjoying my VR-35’s, they’re great speakers.