BHK Preamp, Black For Sale SOLD

Bought new in January 2019
Have four pair of Kevin Deal’s “super special” Tungsrams AND Cifte 12AU7’s presently installed.
Original packaging.
Also included: Amperex 7308’s. Matsushita 7DJ8’s, original Psvanes…
Will also throw in a “big boy” power cable (Zu Audio Event).
$3550. shipped within conUS.

I wish I had seen this before Saturday. I bought a Silver one and really wanted Black.

Cancel your order for the silver one. :grinning:

I wish I could. too late i got it!

Ron i sent a message that i would like to purchase your preamp but i am not sure it went through.


Got it, Dave. See my pm. Thanks

I have a question for you I have only heard the preamp with the OEM supplied 12AU7 tubes. How do you like the sound with the Tungsram’s? Glad you have it sold.

Here’s my “tube take”.
Stock Psvanes are good but unremarkable.
Tungsrams are excellent; very liquid midrange. A bit bright with my system.
Amperex 7308, my favorites. They do nothing wrong. Smooth, detailed and luscious.
Cifte 12AU7, love these. They have an amazing sense of airy transparency.
Telefunky 6DJ8, The King in your King but stupid expensive.
Matsushita 7DJ8, at $30. the value kings in your King. Sound excellent and much better than the Pisvanes.

Thank you very much for the very thorough list I will have to try to get hold of the Cifte 12AU7’s. I would not like the Tungsram’s if they brighten up the sound.

Cifte are rare and pricey. I just switched to the Matsushita after one Brimar got noisy. They are very pleasant, especially for the $, and only a few hours on them.

The Amperex are nice but also got a bit noisy after just a 800 hours or so. Skip the Tungsrams in my opinion. They give a false detailed sound, not bright in my system, but a bit upper freq etch.

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Thanks, I ordered the Matushita’s today!

Shhh, don’t tell everybody, the price will go up. Seriously, I’ve got about 60 hours on them now and they continue to improve. They are just a tad thick in bass but a little eq resolves.

I’m driving them at 4ma currently, and will try 5ma at 100 hours.

Question does the tube time accumulator reset automatically when you change the tubes or do you have to do so in the setup menu. Let me know how the change in current affects the sonics too. I would appreciate that. Thank you

No, you must manually reset the timer in setup. Just change to the timer and press and hold the button to clear.

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Thank you. I figured that was probably the case.

BHK, his very own self specified 4 ma for 12 volt and 5 ma for 6 or 7 volt tubes. Why would we deviate from that? Has anyone found an advantage?

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Because he also said try 6/7 at 4ma and see what you think. I like to start out new tubes at lower current and only try 5ma after 100 hours or so.

I find, tube dependent, that 4 can be a bit easier, laid back and 5 can be a bit more hard or aggressive. Every 6/7v tube I’ve tried has reacted differently to the bias change. One must try and see if you like it.

Ron, why did you sell the BHK? Trimming down systems?

That belonged to my son. He moved into a minuscule apartment in NYC and sold his system because he just didn’t have the room.

The Toshiba and Raytheon Black Plate 12AU7’s are also very good in the BHK and reasonably priced. Most that you will find are labeled for Conn and Baldwin organs. The Toshiba’s are blue labeled and the Raytheon’s orange.