BHK Preamp screen fading

The letters in front screen of my BHK Preamp have been fading for a couple of months. Is there anything I can do to correct this? Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear that! My BHK pre is about 3 years old. To preserve the display, I developed the habit of turning the display off whenever it’s in use.

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Sorry to hear about the fading screen. You would need to talk to someone at PSA to replace the front panel. I don’t think the display in BHK is LED and it shouldn’t cost too much to replace it. Like Serhan, I turn the front off if I play more than a few hours.

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You should also check the screen brightness setting. I’m not sure if the manual even mentions it but there are three choices: bright, normal and dim. You get to them by pressing the small black button for a couple seconds and then cycling through the settings options until you get to screen brightness.

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Screen brightness setting checked. The display still shows the same defects as before… Thanks for trying to help.

Did you have your screen replaced?

No, I haven’t decided to do it yet. It’s hard to be without music for a week or more…

When I had to send my BHK Preamp For service I plug the cables from the DAC into the cables feeding the power amp and I still had music. This is the advantage of running balanced cables. No need to deal with feeding cables around the rack!

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Good idea. Thanks!