BHK PreAmp - Ventilation Requirements

Do you have any recommendations regarding the ‘air-space’ around a stacked DSJr and BHK Pre? Unfortunately I have limited space and if I purchase the BHK PreAmp then it will have to be stacked on top of my DSJr. The two would sit on a shelf in a wooden entertainment center. I’d have about 5-6 inches on each side, about 3-4″ above the stacked pair. The center has a closed back but with numerous air holes (which I can drill more if necessary) and a totally open air front (no doors or glass).

I’ve read a number of posts in these Forums about people experiencing a very hot DSJr, but I have never had this experience. I find the DSJr runs maybe just a little warm compared to other audio components, but nothing really out of ordinary. So I don’t foresee an issue there.

Being the BHK Pre houses tubes should I be concerned about the low clearance headroom above the unit and the closed back (though with air holes) of the entertainment center? Does PSA have any minimal recommendations on ventilation in general or specifically for the BHK Pre?

Thank you in advance,


Dear PSA - got out my tape measure and the top clearance for the stacked pair will only be 2 inches.

So the actual clearance around the stacked pair would be 5-6 inches on each side, 2 inches above the BHK Pre. Close back with with a number of air holes (which can be further increased) and an open front. Should I worry about sufficient air circulation??

Ray, just call the toll free PSA customer service number and talk to one of their experts.

Ray, the spacing seems quite adequate, actually.

Hi Ray,

I agree with Paul, that amount of space should suffice.

Definitely keep the BHK on top so the vents and breath a bit.

If the cabinet seems to get a little warm, I’ve heard a lot of customers using whisper fans in there racks to help with air flow.


Thank you for the feedback guys. Super appreciate it. Now to wait for Black Friday…tick, tick, tick…