BHK Preamp

Hey there. I’m trying some Tungsram 6922 tubes. I changed the jumper from 12 to 6. Do I need to do anything else?

There’s a second jumper for current as per BHK Pre manual page 10 set to 5 mv bias as per Discussions here for 6/7 volt tubes

Is this required or just suggested? I can’t tell from the manual.

“You can also change the bias current running through the tube if you wish.” So is this mandatory or required?

The setting to 5 gives a better sound with 6/7 volt tubes but you can move between the two to find the right setting for your ears this won’t hurt the tube

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BHK preamp arrived Saturday and I want to change cables. My question is can I change cables in standby mode or should I power off, and also turn off master power switch, before changing any interconnects or speaker cables?

I always turn off the main power on any piece of gear when changing cables, but with the BHK gear standby just turns off the tube section.

Thanks for your quick response. I will turn off standby, followed by the master switch before changing any cables.

No problem doing this in standby mode.