BHK Signature Preamp [Sold]


Less than one year old. Things change and I no longer need two systems.
Mint with box, manual, remote, SR Blue, tubes: Psvanes, Amperex 7308, Brimar CV4003, Telefunken PCC 88
All tubes from Upscale, cryo’d and personally kissed by Uncle Kevvy.
$3950. shipped Fedex conus only.
Hate to sell it—waaaah!


Black? If so, DEAL. :hugs:




Sorry Ron!


(Will include brush and can of black Rustoleum)
: grinning:


Plasti Dip


Ahhh Plasti DIp… great stuff … and flexible. The cat still gets around fine.

Bruce in Philly


Don’t tempt me. Here’s a pic of my car’s front grille, with the center bar (chrome color originally), which I masked off and used rubberized PlastiDip to black out. Looks OEM.


^^^ That is NOT a car . . . it is a rocket engine with two seats strapped to it! ^^^

Congrats on the sale, @RonP .