BHK Signature Preamplifier clicks

Then I got my BHK Signature Preamplifier
State of the Audio Art home from repair. The volume button has been fixed.

Trouble clicking when screwing up and down manually or with remote operation is present. Should I understand that all BHK Signature Preamplifier clicks low when using XLR connectors? How many of you can hear the click from volume in XLR mode?

Those of you who can hear the click in XLR mode have you tried to drive over RCA and what happens to you?

I would like to hear the technical explanation for this.

I have a very high click on rca, as well when I drive rca between pre and my BHK 250.

I would like to hear the technical explanation for this.

Where I have bought my pre it has only tested it on xlr and it says everyone has the low click so I’ve got it delivered like this again. There is nothing in our user manual about this.

Then notice the two big clicks between 24-26 and 52-53 on the volume. At the click of 52-53, it’s like volume for a moment clumping or sinking in strength.

Then I’ll just hear if you can turn off the light on the remote control, as it does not light anymore. There are brand new batteries in.

I’m not happy with my equipment. :sob::sob::sob:

"Controlling the volume is a critical task
Perhaps the most difficult challenge facing preamp designers is the volume control. Simple in concept, controlling the level fed to your power amplifier, without damaging the sound, can be one of the most daunting design tasks. During high-end audio’s formative years it had become standard practice to incorporate a high quality rotary potentiometer to control the volume. Over the years designers discovered even the finest of those controls imparted an unacceptable sonic thumbprint, robbing the music of life and openness. Various schemes at removing the potentiometer’s degradation were tried with varying degrees of success. They included stepped attenuators, conductive plastic impedance elements, electronic gain circuits, relay, CMOS switching, and a host of other innovative ideas.

Bascom King decided to try a fresh and novel approach in the Signature preamplifier. A combination of an input stepped attenuator, built around the highest quality passive components for course volume adjustments, coupled with controlling the actual gain of the vacuum tube for finer steps, turned out to be the most sonically transparent level control we have yet heard. This unique topology, which can be controlled from either the front panel rotary controller or the remote control, provides the lowest possible impact on music passing through–and is one of the primary reasons the BHK Signature presents music in such a revealing, open manner."

You’re back! Glad to hear you got your BHK home again. Hopefully you can learn to be happy with it.

The clicks are perfectly normal and expected, along with the ‘big’ clicks you hear at 24-25 and 52-53. They are the 3rd and 2nd stage of attenuation circuitry being added or removed depending on the direction of volume, up or down.

Find the appropriate volume for the song or album and leave it be. No clicks.


Thank you for your reply but it’s not a solution that can be used with me. I will never accept this from a HIFI product in such a class and price, so it will smoke back and no more PS audio to me.

It will hurt me if it can not be made when we need it to make a demos of our two new floor booths coming on the market later this year. Buchardt audio S 40A and S 50 A that are active all the way.

Good luck in all that you do, I wish you well.