Bi Wiring Speakers

I have a pair of Ruark 3 way speakers that have 3 sets of posts on the back of each speaker, total of 6.

I was interested in trying to bi wire them but cant find any info on the speakers. The bottom and middle set currently have a jumper connecting the two positives and a jumper connecting the two negatives. And the other terminations go to the top set.

What im wondering, since I have no info on how these speakers are set up is there any danger with playing around with bi wiring them using the two sets of speaker output terminals for each channel on the BHK 250 amp?

I hate to experiment when im not sure what im doing.

Any info would be great.


PS Audio BHK250 amp, BHK pre amp, Rega 6 tunrtable with Ortofon M2Black, Lehman audio black cube SE, Ruark Crusader speakers

I think you should be fine. Experiment away!