Biamping Maggie 3.6Rs - amp matching question

I am considering the M300’s for the bottoms and have a question for the tops. Since the gain for the S300 and the M300’s are the same is there much reason to match the bottoms with M300s or will the S300s be sufficient for the tops without sound degradation? What are your opinions?

Thank You.

Not Magnepans or PSA amps but I biamped my Kef 105/3s with an Adcom 545 for the top and Adcom 555 for the bottom for years. No mis matching that I could hear. Finally got Magnepan 3.7is when I had a big enough room to pull it off or I’d probably still have the Kefs.


Thank you. I forgot to mention that I am currently biamping 2x Hafler 500’s and but at one time used a DH200 on top with the 500 on the bottom with the MGIIIa. Worked fairly well with the XO-1 crossover to adjust the gain on top.

Passive crossovers at the speaker ends? Line level (analogue or digital) allows rather more adjustment and tweaking, if that’s your thing of course :slight_smile:

All analog and planning to set and forget for the most part. I was really more curious about the use of the s300 on top sonically vs another M300 on top. The two amps have the same gain structure so it would be a drop in for equal gain.

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