Bitrate differences... same tune...Foobar

I have the same tune from different sources. The tunes are from two different greatest hits packages.

Version 1: Foobar denotes a bitrate of 947 kbps and file size of 29.9MB FLAC lossless
Version 2: Foobar denotes a bitrate of 1411 kbps and file size of 45.4 PCM (wav) lossless

Both versions: Foobar denotes 44.1/16

Version 1 sounds so much better. I clearly suspect it was remastered. But why is the bitrate so much smaller? FLAC is compressed so I get the smaller file size, but the bitrate… what’s up with that smaller number?

My Senior DAC displays 44.1/16 for both.

Bruce in Philly

The bit rate numbers often include the metadata, e.g. covers.

Perhaps a different compression level option setting in the flac files?

Lowpass filtering a file can make it more compressible.

Thanx Ted, but the larger bitrate, the WAV V2, was ripped by me from CD using EAC. As far as I know, there is no information encoded in a CD (although the standard did leave some space in the digital words for lyrics or something that was never defined at the time). Did EAC do that?

Bruce in Philly

EAC does add a small amount of tagging, tho I doubt that’s big enough to account for the difference. But the compression level option setting might.

Bitrate is a somewhat useless measure as it is based on the file size as it appears on the storage medium rather than the actual amount of information that is being transferred. The compressed FLAC of a WAV will always have a lower bitrate even though the actual information content is exactly the same. Bitrate is only meaningful when comparing identical media formats.

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Convert the FLAC file to uncompressed FLAC (not FLAC level zero) and run the test again. I don’t know what Foobar measures here but at least you would be comparing uncompressed to uncompressed.