Black Lumin S1 Streamer/DAC with Black Linear Power Supply [sold]

$9800.00 MSRP

*** $5900.00 ***

Special Order Black Lumin S1 w/ matching Lumin Black Linear Power Suppy. Both are in excellent condition with very low usage.

Both units work perfectly and include factory shipping box and all accessories

Hi there. I know you sold this piece. But I was wondering if you had compared it directly to a DSD with Bridge II. I can’t find much on the web comparing these two. I own the DSD w Bridge II and am considering upgrading to the S1. Just not sure how much of an ‘upgrade’ it will be. Thanks!

They were both pretty even so I eventually sold the S1

Wow. That’s surprising. Guess it depends on system and other factors. Was yours the latest version with the upgraded redesigned power supply?


I have no idea about the power supply, but I wasn’t going to get rid of the DSD DAC just to use the Lumin Interface. The Lumin sounded great, but it was easy to compare the S1 to the DSD DAC/Bridge II by starting the same song at the same time and using my integrated amp switch inputs.

I decided the Lumin was just a redundant streamer in my system. However, the Lumin interface is vastly superior to anything I can use on the DSD DAC/BridgeII.

I agree the Lumin app is far superior to MConnect and even Roon. I had the Lumin D2 and Aurender N10 before I bought the DSD w Bridge II. I sold both of those for same reasons you sold the S1. Truth is I am able to get a brand new latest version S1 with the new power supply for $7K in the box unopened. It would prob be around a $4K upgrade to sell the DSD and buy the Lumin. Have to decide today.

If funds allowed I would just skip the S1 and get either the X1 or the MSB Discrete Dac/pre.


Lumin just announced the new T2 which is going to replace both the A1 and T1. Priced at $4500 retail.

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