Black Perfect wave P10 for sale super cheap!!!!!!! SOLD....


Hello, It is with a sad heart that I list my P10 for sale… and at a throw away price to boot!!! but I must get some money together quickly. At this price you will be getting a P10 for a tremendous price and probably the lowest price ever.

I am posting here first beacause i would rather have a member take advantage of this deal before i list on audiogon.

I have been the original owner since new (purchased at an authorized dealer) and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

It is still under factory warranty until until May of 2014.

About one month ago It developed a line of dead pixels on the screen (see pic) and I have been procrustinating to have it sent out to PS audio. But the buyer can choose if they want me to send it out or if they want too. 100% It will be taken care of by PS audio (and also have a complete check up at that point.) We all know that service at PS audio is legendary.

Please note that the P10 works flawlessly without any issues. I hate to list with the screen issue but I need the cash quick.

Listing at $2250…WOW.

Best part is price includes ground shipping and Paypal fees in the continental USA only. I will ship out very quickly with tracking info and insured. Either FedEx or UPS whichever the buyer prefers.

I have all the original packaging to ensure safe arrival.

You can check my feedback on eBay username… "charlohdixon1"


Audiogon username… "sircharles1"

Also going to list my Emotiva XPR–2 with a free Voodoo Diamond Dragon 5’ w/20A IEC to use instead of the supplied factory power cable. Listing that at $1250 shipped in the continental USA only. It is truly a bargain when it comes to amps without paying the higher price tags.

Also I have all original packing that came with the amp.


Please reply to ad at

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