Black vs White - What Percentage Mix?

Just curious, where your give your customers a choice, what is the mix between black vs white cosmetics? Do black vs white differ in cost to manufacture?

Bruce in Philly

Do you mean Black vs. Silver? For example, most PS Audio equipment is available in black or silver. Personally I like silver, but it seems that when I peruse used equipment it is more often than not (or at least it seems that way) black. As for cost, I would suspect that’s a function of how the finish is applied or achieved. For PS Audio I would suspect they are very close, if not the same, price. For something like Audio Research, silver is natural and black is anodized, so black probably costs more.

We sell about 70% silver vs. black. The US likes black more than silver, overseas it’s the opposite. There’s no difference in cost to manufacture either color.

Intriguing the preference is cultural.

I prefer silver when the component is interesting to look at as lighter colors bring out styling details. Black is best for uninteresting block components as they visually disappear.


This thread triggered an ancient memory. I recall from long ago that HP writing in The Absolute Sound wondered if silver vs black cosmetics caused listeners to perceive differences in the sound in terms of his “yin” vs “yang” descriptors.

I like the combination of both black and silver incorporated into a component,it makes for a beautiful contrast when done right.

Not surprising.

It reminds me of how so many describe silver cables as detailed bright and copper as warm burnished.

I like BLACK equipment, no touch screens or other nonsense, and a red LED or two at a muted brightness… in other words, “Leave me alone!”…

oh yea,… “Get off my lawn!!”

Bruce in Philly

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All my PS Audio equipment is black, though I have them sitting on silver PowerBases and really enjoy that look.

I bought all silver to match my Pass Labs stuff. But I wish the PSA components weren’t painted.

I have half and half but can’t see any of them. Pre and amps are silver - in listening room but in a closed door cabinet, and DS and P10 are black but are in another room’s closet. Only my speaker are visible.

In each case I said ship whatever was available, especially the used pieces.

Just doesn’t look as good in black: IMHO.

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Bought my Stellar GCD and S300 in black to go in my rack that is just to the side in my HT. Want them to be invisible when I watch a movie in total darkness, no reflections…