Blips in the audio stream

When streaming from the internet, I find that some internet sources are rather low quality and include “blips” where the sound will drop out. Is this something that the “Digital Lens” technology of the Bridge II would clean-up while it buffers the stream? Are there other ways to improve streaming over the net?


Can you share an example?

A low quality source, one that’s been dehydrated down as small as possible using lossy compression, will have artifacts and poor quality regardless of what you play it on. Not sure if these are the blips and drop-outs you are hearing?

Sounds like it. The sound absolutely drops out–anywhere from a few milliseconds to a couple seconds.

Hmm - that has nothing to do with a low quality source then. If you are hearing drop-outs for that length of time, then it could be a low quality source server or really bad internet connection.

If you are using a wireless connection it could be losing connection momentarily. Try a CAT5 cable directly connected to see if it helps. Could also be a really slow internet connection as @pbphoto said.