Blu-ray players RIP? A harbinger of things to come?

This article seems to say the end is near for all disc players. I disagree. The number of discs out in the wild world is too great for them to be abandoned. Blu-ray is a fantastic format for movies, though it has never been properly exploited for music reproduction. Your thoughts?

Think that’s because 4k UHD players will do both - but yes all Disc formats are on the back 9. I have many of my old dvd’s ripped to .mkv. Not much reason to have physical discs these days. Other than LP’s of course.

Samsung is exiting the market because, comparatively speaking, they made bad UHD bluray players so their sales weren’t good. That’s really the whole story here. It has nothing to do with the end of disc sales. For UHD Bluray I read that sales are up.

Uhd blurry only. cds,dvd,blueray are just about done as UHD BluRay will most likely be as bandwidth increases and uncompressed streams become available.

SAMSUNG Blu-Ray players can’t really compete with SONY/Panasonic in terms of quality and in term of value LG/XBOX and many others makes decent players…AND SAMSUNG’s players does not support in Dolby Vision. It the holly grail of videophiles.

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Exactly. Panasonic in particular make the best UHD Bluray players. This is an objective truth confirmed using test patterns. Even better than Oppo in terms of image quality.

The main reason OPPO should of stayed in the market. Not many manufacturers making great adorable players.

I have a Sony UHD player - it’s very good not sure how it compares to the Panasonic. Also have an nvidia shield. Vudu 4k streams come awful close to the uhd player via my 4k projector.Think Ive bought 8 uhd discs since i purchased the sony - don’t think I’ll be buying many more.

A market will always exist for disc players, especially Redbook CDs. There are just way too many discs out there…

Yup but the end is in sight and the choices will become slim. Still can’t believe LP’s will out live CD’s.

If it were up to me — and obviously this is a fantasy — all of my CDs and SACDs would be available as DSD 64 or 128 and I’d be as happy as a clam streaming them until the grim reaper came a’callin’! Alas, I have almost 4,000 CDs and I still have LPs. But as I wrote almost five years ago (on the late, lamented PSTracks, initially), the price of superb LP playback is prohibitive. DSD is it…

(P.S., this was before my DSDAC/DMP combo…)