Box to overseas - P10


Excuse me about my poor english.

How is the P10’s packed destined to the foreign market?

Here in Brazil I asked in local dealer about the P10 box: sealed or opened. The dealer said that P10 came like this picture.


Is this the “regular box” to P10? I thought there was a “double box” or another “protection” outside?

Is this a sealed P10 or I need to ask about other box?


That is how my P10 came so I suspect the dealer is telling you the truth. It was very well packaged and protected.

Indeed and it is double boxed. What you’re seeing is the outer box and the strappings around that. When you open it there’s another, inner one.


Thanks for return.

Mr. McGowan,

Thanks for return and congratulation for yours great products.

A few years ago I bought 2 (two) P500. A “little great” regenerator. The P500 had a possibility to “fine adjust” in frequency that was great to pitch control in turntables with AC motor.

This feature could return in a future? Imagine a P10 with frequency “fine adjust” possibility?? The Ultimate Regnerator!!! …lol…

Thanks again.

Osvaldo - Brazil

Not in a big regenerator like the P10 but perhaps someday in a smaller version.

Dear Mr. McGowan,

Thanks for return.

Best regards.

Osvaldo - Brazil