Brand new Anthem MRX 1140 in sealed box [Withdrawn]

Just arrived for sale brand new Anthem MRX 1140 receiver in sealed box with everything included from manufacturer
I have decided to go all separates and change what I already prepaid and ordered.
$4100 after taxes, I will need the same in return to sell. Shipping will be at buyers expense
If seriously interested, please let me know
Thank you

I do wish you the best of luck with your sale of this piece, but ask a few obvious questions:
(1) Is the full factory warranty transferrable?
(2) Will the retailer consider a return less a small re-stocking fee?
(3) What motivates the buyer to pay above retail for a piece not purchased dealer direct?


Anthem MRX 1140


-The warranty is transferable
-Retailer has very strict return policy which has been amended due to covid and a large restocking fee and shipping charge would apply
-I bought from a authorized retailer and paid $3600 plus taxes which work out to $4100.
No price gouging here, I am simply changing my mind and due to the limited stock of these items I thought we could help each other out.
The buyer gets a new unit and I save on large return fees and shipping charges.
I hope someone appreciates and takes advantage of this offer. Time will tell.
Thank you for your interest
Take care

A tough sell when the unit is available for less than this, with free shipping, and you are in Canada.



I was not implying you are price gouging. Just trying to understand what would motivate a buyer to pursue it with no price incentive. I truly do wish you luck with the sale. :grinning: