Bridge 2 installation problem


I contact you about a problem I am experiencing with the Bridge 2 I bought yesterday.

In my setup I am using a Mac mini with Roon connected to my PS Audio DirectStream DAC.

I have set up Roon to play via the Bridge2 and it works. I can play my library as well as Tidal via Roon .

what happened is when I installed the bridge I also use the supplied SD card and after that I tried to update the bridge via the the touch screen function.

I realised that the firmware reverted to Yale, I lost the bridge firmware button and the Bridge firmware version since shows 0.0.0

I later on reverted to Torreys with my own SD card,

My problem is that the bridge software cannot be updated (Bridge version shows 0.0.0 and their is no update button) , I do not get the album art work, the name of the album refreshes very slowly.

Should I get from you a specific Bridge 2 upgrade.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards


from Singapore

If the bridgeII is at the latest version it will show 0.0.0 on Torreys and Yale because they version data I receive has changed. So you probably are at the latest released code. For cover art to display the SD-Card must be inserted in the DAC.


Thanks Dennis