Bridge and album covers

Hello, I run a PWD MKii (v2.4.3) with Bridge (v0.214b). Music is on a Synology NAS. Music is played pefectly but I don’t have any covers displayed on the screen of the MKii. My files are AIFF and covers are both in the file and also in the folder (folder.jpg). I have a sdcard in the MKii (fresh FAT32 formated).

I don’t have to see covers on other systems (squeezebox, ayon NW-T)…

Thanks for your support

I forgot, i read the files through jRiver as control point. I’m not able to select the MKii in eLyrics on iPad (the latest version) and make ipad elyrics read the files to the MKii !

After a reboot of the MKii, it seems to work for the covers. But since this reboot the music jumps some times like if there is not enough bandwidth for the files (even for 16B/44.1KHz). I did not have this problem before this reboot (and MKii update to 2.4.3).

SO now it seems I have some network issue !!! No problem to read the same files (from the same NAS) with an Ayon NW-T and a Lumin plugged on the MKii

Try a COLD reboot of EVERYTHING including your MODEM router etc.

Start back up beginning with your modem and start the PWD LAST.

Ok i’ll try within 1 year.

I confirm no problem with a Ayon NW-T and a Lumin. My network is a Gigabite Wired.

Hi Gordon, I just made the reboot as your requested. It plays fine but another time I loose the covers and all songs informations on bridge !

Remove the sd card, erase it with fat16’, reboot PWD WITHOUT the card and then re-insert it upside down with nothing on it.