Bridge for Sale


Its time to let the Bridge go.

$350 includes shipping and PayPal.






Hey, be nice or I’ll hold your DS kit. =))


I haven’t used it in months. I purchases a Sonore Rendu i2s and it has been everything I expected from the Bridge when I bought it and far more. I thought that someone else might enjoy the adventure?


Is it still available? If in good working condition I’m interested.


Larry, I still have it. I was going to give the forum members first shot before putting it on AudiogoN. The unit is in perfect working order, I have just decided to go another route. I have the original box and the static strap as well.


Welll, I guess I would like to purchase it then. Perhaps you can contact me with my regular email address (somehow became my user name when I had to re-register on this new website) and we can work out details.


Gary, I’m trying to reply to you by email but my message will not go through to your address. At any rate, exposing myself in public more than I would like, I do want to purchase your Bridge, paypal is fine for me, Hope all is well.