Bridge II does not playback DSD64

Hello all,

My configuration
DS DAC running Torreys
BridgeII updated to latest firmware
QNAP Server

I can playback flac files.

I can not playback DSD64 files.

When I try to playback the DSD files nothing happens.
The playback does not start.

Does anyone have a similar setup that might be able to give me some advice?


Please read:

There is a screenshot in this thread.

Did you use the DSF:dopwav setting in MimimServer?


I am not using any transcoding in Minimserver/Minimstreamer so I did not set the DSF:dopwav transcode value.

I understand that the BridgeII can play DSD64 (DSF) without being packaged in dopwav format.
Is this correct?

I have another DAC that can play DSD64 direct without transcoding and it will play the same files without a problem.

I understand that if I put this value in Minimserver/Minimstreamer then all DSF files are transcoded to dopwav.
Is this correct?


The Bridge requires DoP. DoP is sometimes described as a wrapper or container for the DSD datastream – that is, the actual DSD data is still being sent, just in a form that looks like PCM to the receiving component. It is not converted to PCM, so there’s no reason to avoid using it. That’s how I play it with MinimServer.

Yes, if you enable the dsf:dopwav setting in MinimServer, all DSD files will be transcoded.

The DS DAC will play DSD directly only through its I2S or USB inputs.

Actually the DS doesn’t play raw DSD on the USB input either. Every release of the PC driver that supported raw DSD over USB also added clicks and pops on DSD to PCM or PCM to DSD transitions.

Otherwise you are absolutely correct, there’s no reason to shy away from DoP, it allows the transfer of all of the DSD bits unmolested to the DAC even thru hardware and software that can only deal with PCM.

Thanks, Ted; my bad about the USB. Guess I need to go back and see what foobar2000 is actually doing when I play DSD via USB. I know there is a DoP option but I though I was using a native driver. It’s been a long time since I installed this stuff.

Can the Bridge II play DSD64 files without transcoding?

The Bridge requires DSD files sent packaged as DoP (DSD over PCM). This is not transcoding; the data is not changed, only packaged to look like PCM.

You need to enable dsf:dopwav in MinimServer for DSD to play through the Bridge.

To add to what Elk wrote, Bridge II can only handle single rate DSD and it must be DoP as he mentions