Bridge II doesn’t decode MQA after installing Sunlight?

Interesting. But did it actually play through your amp?

When I first got the 88.2/16 result in Sunlight, I am pretty sure that it played. After rolling back to Windom, then back to Sunlight, I get the same result, but no sound.

Nope. No sound at all.

I recalled that I had heard sound with the Sunlight version, but with restarting the DAC a couple of times it is possible that (at 25% DAC volume and low preamp volume) I just noticed the track progressing on the meter and presumed it was playing, due to no audible sound being possible.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The same happens on all older streamers that play PCM upto 192. When you play DSD, you see time progress without sound output.

Hi all. Disappointing to hear no solutions have been found to the MQA unfold issue using Mconnect. Reading the entire thread I have to say I find it frustrating the constant promotion of roon as some sort of solution to the problem, it’s not. Yes it still works with MQA, however I’m perfectly happy using Mconnect having tried roon previously.

Anyway I hope PSA don’t walk away from the issue just because Mconnect is third party software. This is clearly where the issue lies from what I can deduct from this thread and my own experience.

It would also nice to see Tidal connect be implemented. If it’s possible for Cambridge audio to update my old 851N streamer from 2014 surely it can’t be a hardware shortcoming on the Bridge 2 can it?

Loving all ps gear otherwise :ok_hand:

Thanks Serhan, good to know.

I do find it interesting that a streamer would monitor the elapsed time of a track that it can’t play.

Hi all.
Since my last slightly grumpy post on the MQA issue using MConnect I thought i would get pro active and talk to Convers digital directly… this is their last response;
“Thank you for the screenshot.

The FW version 3.6.86 is the old one.
Your device should have the latest version, v3.8.15.
Please contact PS Audio for the FW update.

Best regards,

Conversdigital support” end quote

So my question to PS now is does that version of the bridge firmware exist? If it does why doesn’t it present as an update on my Bridge setup screen (which says Up to Date)

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Unfortunately, we’ve had too many incidences of Bridges not being able to be updated without crashing and so we no longer can update them in the field. You can reach out to customer service and get an RMA and we can update the Bridge at the factory. The only update available is to help with MQA which we’re no longer planning on supporting other than this.


Does this mean it might be possible to get a Bridge firmware update from service, that might fix the non gap less playback of DSD and some larger PCM sample rates? (no playback SW configuration topic in my case)

Not that I’m aware of. As Paul said, this update only addresses MQA playback via MConnect.

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James is exactly correct. It only addresses the MQA issue with Sunlight.

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Hi Paul, that’s great news…certainly better than no solution at all. Thanks I’ll get in contact with Wyn and organise for my bridge to be sent to Boulder for the update :+1: