Bridge II for Sale $400 [Sold]

Original Owner - purchased from Authorized reseller new in Feb, 2016.
I have never used - never got network figured out. Original box, same as new.
$400, shipped via FedEx included.

Also have Harmonic Tech 1.4a magic HDMI Cable for sale - much better than PS audio HDMI.
I upgraded to WW Platinum

Hi, I’m interested. Would you also ship it to Italy? How can I pay?
Best regards

Hi Francesco,

I am not sure how either of those would work. Do you have shipper i should use - and what would be cost?
Pay via paypal is preferred


try asking DHL or USPS how much it costs. my address is:

Francesco De Palo

Via Napoleone Colajanni, 2

70125 Bari Italy.

the transport is at my expense.

Please declare that it has a low value: less than $ 100 so I avoid paying the Italian duty and taxes.

Paypal is fine for me.

Please Let me know.

Kind regards

Still Available?

Sorry, no. I need to update that.

I’d consider selling you my Bridge II card if you are still looking.