Bridge II Network Card: FOR SALE (6/16/17)

came packaged with my DirectStream DAC…bought last year, never used that function…instead bought the DirectStream Memory Player…

How much?

Is this still available?

still available indeed?

Yep, still available…

ahh, it is for use in Europe, I don’t think that would mind.

What do you want for it and will you send it to the Netherlands?

Greetingd Jillis

What’s the asking price? And where are you shipping from?

Sorry, about slow reply…I’m have some house emergency work done and a doctor’s appointment on Thursday…more repairs on Friday to finish up…then…

What are they selling for on the PS Audio website?

I will ship where ever the buyer is…

After work is done and I get some sleep…I will focus with you…Ron

I am interested. How much are you asking for the bridge !!?

I should have the house back, with all the family gone by this weekend…sorry it’s taking so long to get back to you…

Would you consider 50% off the price?

And you pay shipping…I live in Washington DC suburbs…Potomac, Maryland 20854

If you have any friends or family or co-workers that might be in my area, that would save you a lot of stress and shipping/importing headaches.

The card is not in use; never turned on…

Ron Jay

If dhart86 doesn’t take it, I will.

Great! I will keep you posted…

Thanks Ron,
50% off the price makes for a deal. I will have it shipped to New Jersey to minimize the shipping headache/cost. It will be shipped to zip code 08081.

Please provide total cost (bridge + shipping) and instructions for making payment.
Thanks again

Works for me…

I’ll get back to you, since I don’t know the list price and will check UPS price…

As long as the money is clears by my local bank (Wells Fargo Bank), it doesn’t matter the method you use.


Also, I don’t know how this would fly…but,

What if I send the card to PS Audio for them to give their opinion of the Condition of the Card…and have them send it to your choosing…minimum bench time should be the charge…maybe a small price for you to pay that also insures that your card is as I stated…and the instructions for inspection would include my OK for it to ship to your preferred local? (is this the right placement of the “?” mark?)*


It would only work if they accept your payment and willing to send me the agreed difference…if not, maybe we all should petition for PS&A to facilitate trades in this way…also allows them a small profit for the bench time…

What a great way for PS&A to Extend an already stellar reputation, with the best customer service anywhere!

Or not…


On second thought Ron, I will pass on the bridge. Feel free to sell to tech-hifi
Thanks for your consideration

What’s the sense in sending it back to PS Audio if it’s never been installed in your Directstream???

Is it brand new in the original packaging? Does it include the 1. Media Bridge, 2. Anti-Static Strap Disposable Wrist Band w/ Alligator Clip and 3. Quick Start Guide.


I purchased the DirectStream DAC * with the bridge pre installed…removed card from unit before starting to use the DAC.*

Put in storage immediately…

Hey Ron … just catching up on this thread … by chance are you still trying to sell your bridge II? I’m in the market for one … I know the III is heading our way, but I can probably make use of the II for a little while.