Bridge II New Sealed (3 Year Warranty) $650 [SOLD]

I purchased this new with my DSD Sr. last month from an authorized PS Audio dealer. I have been very happy with the quality of USB and am not tempted to open/use the Bridge II. The unit is still in its sealed factory box and the 3 year warranty is transferable to the buyer. Shipping is free to lower 48. If you are more comfortable going through eBay I also have the item listed there, but it will be more expensive due to the selling fees.

The dealer wants to charge me a 20% restocking fee and I do not want to give him the satisfaction of paying him to take back an unopened/new product. To be fair his return policies/fees are clearly stated on his website, however, I figured after buying a DSD Sr, the BHK Pre and WireWorld 7 Platinum USB cables from him he would make an exception. I was wrong.

If there are any questions please let me know.



You spent $10K +/- with this dealer and then he wouldn’t take back an unopened Bridge II without a 20% restocking fee . . . that is crazy! Please consider telling us the name of this dealer so we can factor in your experience when making future purchase decisions. Thanks.

GLWS (Good Luck with Sale).

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I appreciate the compassion. I don’t want to throw the dealer under the bus even though the outcome is not what I expected it to be. To his defense, he is able to offer generous pricing because of the low overhead operation he runs and I imagine the 20% restocking fee goes toward offsetting the time/cost of receiving, cataloging and storing returned items.

Again, not the response I would have liked to received given my investment with him but his policies are documented so it is what it is =/

Sold [$650 via eBay listing]