Bridge II no cover art.

I updated to Torreys and use J River.

Also have tried leaving the DirectStream Bridge II Firmware SD card in the rear SD slot.

Along with inserting a cleared reformatted 2GB SD card in the rear SD slot.

Rebooted a couple of times and still no cover Art.

The display does show song title, the timer, and bit rate.

Please advise what to check for.


Gary G.

The firmware doesn’t reload (unless it’s force-boot firmware) so shouldn’t matter. This probably seems obvious but you’re sure the card is inserted with the right side up (gold pins up in the DS Sr)? It should click into place. Also try a different card. The DS can be maddeningly fussy at times.

Take the SD card out, and look at it on your PC. If there is a .BMP file on it look at it. Then delete it and try again. Sometimes a corrupted file can cause issues.

Also make sure the SD-card is not Write protected.