Bridge II not available

I purchased my DAC as a Perfectwave that had already had the Direcstream kit installed by the retailer. Although I wasn’t particularly interested at the time, I was told that it also had the Network Bridge installed.

I recently updated the Direcstream with Huron without problems.

I have recently attempted to update the Bridge to stream MQA, but have run into difficulties.

On the current home page the following is displayed:


Unit ID: 038998 FPGA: 0.120

Bootloader: 1.13 USB: 00.33

Firmware: 2.0.2 Rev: 0140

Bridge: 0.2.15

When I select the Bridge input screen, the network symbol is green.

when I go to the Bridge setup screen, the Zone name is Perfectwave DAC and under Firmware updates it says N/A.

Under the input list, the Bridge is listed as I2S Perfectwave DAC 010BB5

MConnect cannot see the Bridge.

Does this mean that there is actually not a Bridge installed in my Direcstream?

I’m sure that you have a bridge. If not, you wouldn’t see the bridge firmware identified as 2.15, nor would you see the green network light. If you want physical confirmation, look at the back of your DAC. If there is an ethernet connection, then you have a bridge.

Sometimes the bridge reports that there is no firmware upgrade available when there really is. I suggest contacting technical support at PS audio; they have ways of persuading a recalcitrant bridge to take the firmware update. They can also help you figure out why mConnect is not seeing the bridge.

Thanks Magister - the thing that is throwing me is ‘Perfectwave DAC’ appearing under Zone in the Bridge setup screen.

I have logged a fault with the service desk.

HI Burnsey,

2.15 is the firmware version for the Bridge 1.

If you are interested in playing MQA files you will first need to upgrade to the Bridge II.

If you can, please reach out to our sales department at to discuss an upgrade per our trade in program.

If you have any questions for me you can reply here or reach out to me directly at


  • Jeremy

Even if you aren’t interested in playing MQA files, I’d encourage you to upgrade to the Bridge II. The original Bridge is nice, but the Bridge II is so much better.